For companies, organizations, and individuals that can help ensure the HCP’s success. To ensure that the important work of the HCP achieves its goals for what promises to be a transformational organization, the HCP Fund looks to back winners. That is, support those heirloom cacáos that make for superior flavor; to move chocolate into a new dimension, to new heights, while simultaneously re-connecting with its roots as a pure flavor powerhouse.

A real-world opportunity exists, to apply & advance recent research, where science-meets-enterprise. Nothing like it in the modern chocolate era has been attempted before. Such a novel approach, coupled with innovative execution, distinguishes HCP, along with integrity & a roll-up-the-sleeves drive to get the job done.

People commit their own resources to change the world. This gives meaning & purpose to our lives when we are so engaged.

HCP’s success can make a world of difference & make millions of people, even billions, feel good. Both ‘feel good’ & ‘real good’. Who doesn’t want to give to that?