HCP Heirloom Cacao 2

Tranquilidad Estate (wild), Beni, Bolivia

Provided by Volker Lehmann,
Frontier Ventures Bolivia

Bursary Sponsor: Tony Caputo’s Market & Deli

Heirloom Cacao


Volker left his native Germany for Bolivia in 2000 as trained agriculturist and international agroforestry expert. With farmer family background, he developed the jungle estate “Tranquilidad” and a wild harvest collection system with local and indigenous families throughout the Beni Department. He uses selected wet beans for box and bag fermentation and sells limited volumes around the world.


Zokoko in Australia produces 72% Tranquilidad bars with FULL traceability to the exact trees of Volker’s designated Heirloom by the HCP.

Tasting Panel Notes

“This chocolate has the complexity of one of the illusion paintings” commented one HCP Tasting panelist. Additionally, this bean was celebrated for its extremely complex mix of chocolate, fresh citrus, and aged fruit flavors.

USDA Genetic Profile

Heirloom cacao genetics