When Cost is the apex predator, tasty but expensive-to-produce chocolate will perish. Only the cheap, bland and boring will survive.
Karla Lant, FED, 3/22/2018

Bathed in fluorescent light, row upon row of mass-produced chocolate candies compete for attention in drug stores across the western world.

With the Easter holiday upon us, children line up for baskets filled with sugary sweets. To these sugar-hooked youngsters, quantity, not quality, is king. To meet this need, producers have altered products until they no longer have the rich taste of true chocolate.

Not only does this cheat the taste-buds, it also poses a threat to the survival of the truly tasty products we actually enjoy.

Chocolate made with real cocoa butter isn’t cheap. Cacao is expensive to produce, difficult to grow and, with the consumer demanding low prices for their favourite celebratory snack, profit margins are slim.