From BBC, 26, September 2018 by Jovana Stanisljevic. Global chocolate value keeps rising to new highs and huge new markets are emerging, but producers are struggling. Should we be worried?

No more chocolate by 2050? Several articles have pointed recently that we are heading to a major chocolate crisis.

Global chocolate market value keeps reaching new highs, potentially doubling by 2025 compared to its 2015 level. Consumption is mainly driven by perceived health benefits such as anti-aging, antioxidant effects, stress relieve, blood pressure regulation and others.

So where are the biggest chocoholics located? Traditionally, more than half of all chocolate produced is eaten in Western Europe and North America. The country with the “sweetest tooth” in the world is Switzerland, with more than 8kg per capita of chocolate consumed in 2017.

New chocolate markets

But even though developed markets are at the forefront of chocolate indulgence, future growth opportunities could be elsewhere. One way to look is toward China and India, with populations over one billion people each. Rapid urbanisation, a growing middle class and changing consumer tastes have triggered increasing appetite for chocolate.


This article originally appeared on The Conversation, and is republished under a Creative Commons licence.