Oct 18, 2018 Forbes – Talking With Gary Guittard, Master Chocolatier, On Guittard Chocolate Company’s 150th Anniversary

This is a great article on Guittards 150th Anniversary and their Eureka Works bar that benefits the HCP.  From the Forbes feature:

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Guittard developed an anniversary bar to pay homage to the West-Coast style of chocolate that founder Etienne Guittard, and other West-Coast chocolatiers, would have created with the cacao most readily available in the mid- to late-19th century, during the Gold Rush and before the Panama Canal was built. The Eureka Works bar was developed over five meticulous iterations of blending, tasting and adjusting. Guittard says, “The process involved tasting all the individual chocolate masses first, then building the blend based on the strengths and balances of each.”Guittard explains the difference between this style of chocolate and the East-Coast style: ”

East-Coast chocolate makers sourced mainly from Africa and the East Coast of South America, and their chocolate had a different taste. Eureka Works is made with beans sourced from Brazil, Ecuador, Indonesia and Hawaii, the latter standing in for Samoa, which is suffering a cocoa shortage due to drought.”

Also see this Oct. 12, 2018 article from the San Francisco Chronicle:

Guittard keeps tradition alive at 150