HCP Advisory Counsel

Meet the people who graciously lend us their expertise to help the HCP to fulfill our mission.


Gary Guittard
Gary Guittard
President & CEO
Guittard Chocolate Company

HCP Senior Advisor
William “Bill” Guyton
Guyton Strategies International
Raymond A Major
Raymond Major
Specialist in Cocoa Production, Processing & Sustainability
Todd Masonis
Todd Masonis
CEO and co-founder
Dandelion Chocolate


Lyndel Meinhardt
Sustainable Perennial Crops Laboratory USDA ARS
Daniel O'Doherty Cacao Services
Daniel O’Doherty
Owner & President
Cacao Services

Wilbert Phillips-Mora
Cacao Expert
Ed Seguine
Tasting Panel Chair
Ed Seguine
Seguine Cacao Cocoa & Chocolate Advisors


Rich Tango Lowy
HCP Communications
Rich Tango-Lowy
Dancing Lion Chocolate