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Play an important role in supporting sustainable cacao and preserving fine chocolate for future generations.

Your generosity helps to:

  • Identify the world’s supply of high quality, flavorful, heirloom cacao trees.
  • Increase the potential for farmers and cooperatives to receive higher market value for their certified beans.
  • Protect and preserve these quickly vanishing cacao species.

Donate to the HCP Fund

Cacao Pods
Your gift of any amount  supports the research, mapping, genetic identification, and flavor analysis of fine flavor cacao species from around the world. A ‘feel good’ & ‘real good’ gesture. Who doesn’t want to give to that? Click the “Donate” button above to support our campaign to preserve heirloom cacao.

Become an HCP Bursary Sponsor

Tujikomboe Farmers Group
Your donation funds farmers who don’t have the financial resources to apply to the HCP. Your $1000 US donation pairs you with a farmer or co-operative through the HCP process and into the future. Click the “Donate” button above to become a bursary sponsor.

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Meet Our Donors

Our Donors
Our donors are the reason we have been able to designate our heirloom farms – especially those who wouldn’t be able to apply without our funding. We are grateful for your contribution to identifying and preserving the most extraordinary tasting cacao. Thank you!