HuffPost, 8/28/2018 – The truth about your favorite cheap chocolate bar may leave a bitter taste in your mouth. You can walk into any old drugstore and buy a Hershey’s chocolate bar for around a dollar, but a single-origin Malagascar chocolate bar from Salt Lake City-based Solstice Chocolate will cost you $9, and a single-origin Costa Rican chocolate… Read More

Celebrating History, Dedicated to Sustainability Guittard Chocolate Company Marks 150 Years with Eureka Works, A Limited-Edition 62% Chocolate Blend Burlingame, CA (June 25, 2018)¾ To celebrate its 150th year of making chocolate, family-owned Guittard Chocolate Company is releasing Eureka Works, a limited-edition chocolate blend formulated for everything from confectionary use to baking applications. Eureka Works… Read More

Chocolate experts reflect on working with Anthony Bourdain; say he had ‘affinity with cocoa farmers’ Following news of Anthony Bourdain’s recent death, Good & Evil chocolate bars were suddenly pulled from its producer Éclat Chocolate’s website as owner Christopher Curtin said the decision was made out of respect towards the celebrity chef. Our HCP President,… Read More

Heirloom Cacaos

Dr. Kristy Leissle writes a two part post on Chocolopolis discussing the losers and winners when cocoa prices rise. A few weeks ago, as I was preparing to talk to Joe Weisenthal on Bloomberg’s “What’d You Miss?” about cocoa’s price rise earlier this year, my partner, as he often does, asked questions to help me gather my… Read More

An insightful article on the fine chocolate industry from HCP Board member, Brad Kintzer: Taking cues from the coffee and craft beer movements, fine chocolate options are gaining momentum. Brad Kintzer, chief chocolate maker for TCHO Chocolate, helps us better understand this exciting sector. Until recently, it was uncommon to find double IPA beers in… Read More

When Cost is the apex predator, tasty but expensive-to-produce chocolate will perish. Only the cheap, bland and boring will survive. Karla Lant, FED, 3/22/2018 Bathed in fluorescent light, row upon row of mass-produced chocolate candies compete for attention in drug stores across the western world. With the Easter holiday upon us, children line up for baskets… Read More

Our colleague and HCP/FCIA supporter Kristy Leissle’s soon to be released book, Cocoa gets a review by the Financial Times, who says “She argues that the most essential ingredient to achieve sustainability is that farmers come to regard their work as honourable and valued — and that their children see the worth of staying in… Read More

Tuesday, Jan 21 2018 – The Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund (HCP) is delighted to announce that the cacao trees of Tujikomboe Farmers Group, Tanzania; and Akesson’s Bejofo Estate, Madagascar have been designated HEIRLOOM. They become, respectively, the fourteenth and fifteenth HCP Heirloom designations made since the 2014 inaugural Heirlooms. The HCP’s International Tasting Panel tasting… Read More

The HCP is excited to have worked with Marou Cacao in designating  Treasure Island trees as Heirloom Cacao #13.  See page 16 in the following Marou Cacao Report 2017 for an update on Mr. Cong and his farm. Here is the introduction to the report: We have been making chocolate in Vietnam since 2011, working… Read More

On  20th July 2017, the Belize Foundation for Research & Environmental Education (BFREE) along with Ya’axché Conservation Trust hosted the first Belize Cacao and Agroforestry Forum, entitled “The Future of the Cacao industry in Belize,” at the Church of the Nazarene Medical and Education Center in the historic village of San Pedro Columbia, Toledo District. Tthe… Read More