Madagascar cacao

Getting Started: How the Re-Discovery of Ancient Cocoa in Madagascar Became an Impetus for the HCP — And How We Got Those Samples in the First Place In early October, Madécasse Chocolate Company announced to a packed house in New York City the results of the cacao tree samples taken in Madagascar by one of the company’s… Read More

The Fine Chocolate Industry Association and the USDA/ARS Partner to Found the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative The best tasting chocolates in the world are poised for extinction. As growers continue to remove or replace fine flavor cacao trees with less flavorful, high-yield, disease-resistant cacao hybrids and clones, a world of ordinary flavor dominates the chocolate… Read More

Fermented Cacao Beans in Ecuador

By Jeffrey Stern, Gianduja, July 10, 2012 Ecuador is known in the cocoa industry for being the world’s largest producer of both the heirloom quality and fine flavor Nacional and CCN-51, an increasingly prevalent hybrid of standard or mass-market quality and flavor. Today, Nacional is increasingly scarce and has been genetically diluted. Moreover, its reputation for… Read More