Meet our Heirloom Farmers!

The HCP is delighted to announce the designated HEIRLOOM chocolate farmers of quality and flavor cacao beans at origin. CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you for your continued preservation and support of cacao bio-diversity. Because of you, the world can still enjoy great tasting chocolate!

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#1 Alto Beni,

Volker Lehmann left his native Germany for Bolivia in 2000. In 2008 he started to work with farmers in Alto Beni to develop a Fine Flavor Cacao Production.

#2 Tranquilidad Estate,

Heirloom Cacao Bolivia

Volker Lehmann left his native Germany for Bolivia in 2000. With farmer family background, he developed the jungle estate “tranquilidad” and a wild harvest collection system.

#3 Hacienda Limon,
Los Rios, Ecuador

Heirloom Cacao Ecuador

Samuel von Rutte left his native Switzerland for Ecuador 25 years ago. He now lives with his family among the farmers and processes Heirloom beans.

#4 Hawaii Agriculture
Research Center

Heirloom Cacao Hawaii

The Hawaii Agriculture Research Center’s Maunawili Substation is an 80-acre farm situated in Maunawili Valley near Kailua, Oahu.

#5 ASOANE, Puerto Quito, Ecuador

ASOANE is an association of 25 producers of artisanal agriculture located in Puerto Quito, Ecuador.

#6 Terciopelo, Coto Brus, Costa Rica

Heirloom Cacao Costa Rica

Daniel O’Doherty took an interest to restore this family farm in Costa Rica and brought the beans to HCP for evaluation

#7 Maya Mountain Cacao Ltd. Farmer Network

Heirloom Cacao Belize

Maya Mountain Cacao sources premium cocoa beans from smallholder Belizean farmers for makers of fine chocolate products.

#8 Municipios de La Dalia, El Cua, Nicaragua

Municipios de La Dalia, El Cua, Bocay departamento de Jinotega, Nicaragua Variety–Nicalizo provided by Ingemann Fine Cocoa

#9 Piedra de Plata,

Piedra de Plata, Ecuador provided by To’ak


APOVINCES Cooperative, Ecuador Boquerón and Playas de Vinces Communities provided by Julio Cerezo

#11 BFREE Demonstration Cacao Farm, Belize


Wild uncultivated cacao trees on the Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education (BFREE) nature reserve.

#12 San Jose de Bocay, Nicaragua

San Jose de Bocay

The Chuno cacao bean is a single-variety, processed separately from harvest to export to preserve its unique flavor characteristics.

#13 Pham Thanh Cong, Mekong Delta, Vietnam


Mr. Cong’s farm is in a densely populated and agriculturally developed part of the Mekong Delta.

#14 Tujikomboe Farmers Group, Tanzania

Tujikomboe Farmers Group

Tujikomboe Farmers Group, Tanzania provided by TechnoServe.

#15 Akesson’s Bejofo Estate, Madagascar

Bejofo Estate

Located in the Sambirano Valley in the North-West of Madagascar, Åkesson’s 2000ha Bejofo Estate has been producing world-famous aromatic cocoa since 1920.

#16 Puentespina Farms, Philippines

Puentespina Farms

Located in Malagos at the foothills of Mt. Talomo, the Puentespinas operate a 24-hectare cacao farm in Malagos.

Please learn more about farms designated by the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund by clicking on each farm above.

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To support other farmers and cooperatives like these, become a Bursary Sponsor.