HCP Heirloom Cacao 1

Alto Beni, Bolivia

Provided by Volker Lehmann,
Frontier Ventures Bolivia

Designated 2014

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Discover Heirloom Designated Cacao Farming in Bolivia

Volker left his native Germany for Bolivia in 2000 as trained agriculturist and international agroforestry expert. After developing Tranquilidad estate he started to work in 2008 with cacao farmers in Alto Beni to develop a Fine Flavor Cacao production and central processing plant in Palos Blancos, gaining several Cocoa of Excellence awards. The production is around 100 tons/year.

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Taste the difference – Bolivian chocolate made from Heirloom designated farms

A PRIORI, Salt Lake City, USA

Bean to bar producer: Zokoko in Australia produces 68% Alto Beni bars with FULL traceability to the exact trees of Volker’s designated Heirloom by the HCP.

Tasting Panel Notes

HCP Tasting Panelists commented on this bean’s fresh fruit and floral notes, complimented by its tamed, but prolonged cacao flavor.

USDA Genetic Profile for cacao beans from Bolivian Cacao farm trees

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