HCP Heirloom Cacao 12

San Jose de Bocay, Departamento de Jinotega, Nicaragua

Provided by Ingemann Fine Cocoa

Designated 2016

Bursary Sponsor: Chocolate Maya

Discover Heirloom Designated Cacao Farming in Nicaragua

The Chuno is a single-variety, processed separately from harvest to export from other varieties to preserve its unique flavor characteristics. The wet-mass is processed in a centralized facility where the post-harvest can be entirely controlled to ensure quality and consistency over time.

Email: mb@ingemann.com.ni

Nicaraguan chocolate made from Heirloom designated farms

Tasting Panel Notes

The flavor is an immediate burst of a fresh fruit salad– begins with a evanescent brown fruit (dates, figs) then shifts to a red fruit and mixed tropical fruit character with ripe plums, berries, red currant accompanied by a fruit bowl of mango, apricot and pineapple.  Mid-taste displays the beginnings of a honey / light molasses / panella.   Light nut notes shift to a nut skins character at the end.  The end finishes with hints of a vanilla and a mocha character.  Masculine in its character and intensity.

Description: USDA Genetic Profile for cacao beans from Nicaragua cacao farm trees

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