HCP Heirloom Cacao 14

Tujikomboe Farmers Group, Tanzania

Provided by Technoserve, Tanzania

Designated 2018

Bursary Sponsor: Tony Caputo’s Market & Deli

Tujikomboe Farmers GroupDiscover Heirloom Designated Cacao Farming in Tanzania

This interesting article from TechnoServe highlights to women farmers of the Tujikomboe Farmer Business Group in the Kyela District of southwest Tanzania. NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY: CHANGING WOMEN’S LIVES THROUGH COCOA.

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Tanzanian chocolate made from Heirloom designated farms


Tasting Panel Notes

Immediate presence of a rich chocolate note with an early fruit acidity presence immediately following the chocolate blending in tart fresh fruits—citrus and tropical—a note that will persist throughout the flavor profile.   Center point of the profile sees the emergence of the browned raisins and dates with a touch of tart prune combined with a dark molasses and dark wood (oak) notes..  At the same time, a slight spice note appears with the bright elements of cardamom, mace and a piquant black pepper.  Long finish!  Complex with the base chocolate of Amelonado from Africa.

USDA Genetic Profile for cacao beans from Tanzania cacao farm trees

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