HCP Heirloom Cacao 4

Hawaii Agriculture Research Center, Maunawili Experiment Station

Provided by Daniel O’Doherty, Cacao Services Inc.

Bursary Sponsor: The Chocolateers

Heirloom Cacao


Daniel O’Doherty moved to Hawaii in 2005 and began his work with cacao throughout the Hawaiian Islands. He works with farmers on the island of Oahu to buy wet beans that he ferments and dries. The demand for his beans currently exceeds the supply and are only available in Hawaii.


Manoa Chocolate in Hawaii is producing Maunawili bars with FULL traceability to the exact trees producing the cacao submitted by Daniel and designated Heirloom by the HCP.

Tasting Panel Notes

This complex, but balanced flavor has highlights of raisin, cooked plums, candied figs, and pineapple flavors.

USDA Genetic Profile

Heirloom cacao genetics