HCP Heirloom Cacao 7

Maya Mountain Cacao Ltd. Farmer Network: Villages of San Antonio, Santa Cruz, Santa Elena, and Pueblo Viejo, Belize

Provided by Daniel O’Doherty, Cacao Services Inc.

Bursary Sponsor: Chocolate Maya

Heirloom Cacao


Daniel O’Doherty moved to Hawaii in 2005 and began his work with cacao throughout the Hawaiian Islands. His work now extends internationally as a consultant to help better agricultural practices and post-harvest processing techniques, which is how he came to work closely with these Maya Mountain villages.


For information on manufacturers using beans from these villages, please contact Maya Mountain Cacao.

Tasting Panel Notes

The International Tasting Panelists found the flavor of the liquor and the chocolate made from the Belize beans to be dramatic: well-balanced and smooth, yet surprisingly complex with all the flavor notes maintaining their distinctiveness but not overpowering each other.

USDA Genetic Profile

Heirloom cacao genetics