What differentiates fine chocolate from other chocolates? We look at the processing and manufacturing processes that create outstanding products.

Market Size:

Fine chocolate is a small but growing segment of the chocolate industry representing 5% or less of chocolate market sales.


Fine chocolate is defined in terms of its flavor, texture and appearance, as well as how its limited ingredients, high cocoa and low sugar content, are sourced and processed.

What is the Definition of Fine Chocolate?


Fine chocolate makers are committed to coaxing the unique flavors from each bean, allowing the consumer to experience complex flavors from the terroir of various regions and countries. Textures should be smooth and creamy, unless purposely creating unrefined chocolate.


Fine chocolate professionals are committed to creating stunning visual experiences through perfectly finished products which are often artfully designed.


Fine chocolate makers and chocolatiers use artisan methods to create minimally processed chocolate with flavor complexity.


With a commitment to the farmer, fine chocolate makers use ethical practices to source the highest quality flavor beans and cocoa, often from single countries of origin and individual growers.

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